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Bed Bug Control In Baton Rouge, LA

Getting The Bed Bugs Out Of Your Baton Rouge Home

We’ve all heard stories about bed bugs. Perhaps you have a friend who found them in a hotel room, or maybe you know someone who battled an infestation in their home. The reason these stories are so common is because of how common bed bugs have become. After being nearly eradicated in the 1940s, these biting pests have come back with a vengeance, and no home is immune from an infestation.

If you are experiencing any signs of a bed bug infestation in your Baton Rouge home, such as finding bites on your body or red dots or brown streaks on your sheets, you must do something about it right away. DAT Exterminating can provide the expertise you need to determine if bed bugs are in your house and, if so, perform the treatments you need to eliminate them. Contact our Baton Rouge pest experts today to learn more!

Our Baton Rouge Bed Bug Control Service

The first order of business when dealing with a bed bug infestation is determining where the bed bugs are spending their time. When you contact us for bed bug control, we’ll first visit your home to conduct an in-depth inspection. Although bed bug infestations typically begin in one localized area, these little pests can easily move from place to place and will soon spread throughout your house. By inspecting before we treat, we can pinpoint the infested locations to provide you with the most effective treatment possible.

During our treatment, you’ll need to vacate your home for four to six hours. We use a liquid treatment that we apply to bed frames, furniture, floors, and more. We’ll also remove light socket covers in order to treat inside your walls where bed bugs often hide.

With guaranteed services, you can be certain that we will eliminate your bed bug infestation in its entirety. We’ll provide the necessary follow-up services to ensure no bed bugs remain.

Sleep Well With Help From DAT Exterminating

Finding bed bugs in your house is the certain ruin of a good night’s sleep. Getting bed bugs out of your home is not an easy task unless you have the help of professionals. DAT Exterminating offers the bed bug control services you need to fully eliminate your bed bug infestation so that you can get back to sleep. To schedule your bed bug inspection, contact us today.

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