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Hammond Property Owners' Complete Guide To Effective Termite Control

April 15, 2023 - Termites

Every homeowner in Hammond should know about termites, if even just to understand that these pests are a big problem. If you have not taken the time to research these nasty insects or the damage they cause to homes, you are in the right place. Take some time today to discover more about termite infestations and learn how to identify and deal with these pests in Hammond.

Call DAT Exterminating if you need direct advice on how to deal with wood-destroying insects on your property. We also offer fast-working pest control in Hammond if you need help removing termites from your property.

The First Signs Of A Termite Problem

Termites are arguably the most difficult pest to identify here in Hammond. This is for one main reason. They cannot survive above ground or outside of a structure of wood. Subterranean termites need constant moisture to survive.

Keeping this in mind, there are only a few early warning signs that these pests are around. The first is mud tubes. If termites cannot find a direct way into your home's structural wood, they will build pencil-width mud tubes up the exterior foundation of your home. The other early sign of termites is swarmers. Termite nests create and send out swarmers (winged termites) to find new places to build. These long, black, 1-inch insects have long, oval-shaped wings and only stay above ground for roughly 40 minutes on days after heavy rainfall.

How Termites Silently Destroy Property

If there is one thing you should consider about termites today, it is how silently these pests are able to destroy local properties. Unlike other insects like ants and beetles that practically announce their presence when they invade, termites make little to no sound and cannot be seen. They invade structural wood and stay inside of it while indoors. The only time they come out is during the swarming season when swarmers (winged termites) are tasked with finding new places to eat and build nests.

Keeping all of this in mind, most people do not identify termites inside their homes until after severe damage has occurred. Termite damage usually presents itself in the form of moisture spots, swelling wood, and squeaky floors. To know for certain if your home has an active problem, bring in our team to perform a detailed inspection.

Identify And Remove Factors That Attract Termites

It is incredibly important that you understand what factors attract termites and how to address these factors on your property. To make things simple for you today, here are three reasons these pests are drawn to properties and how to address each one:

  1. Termites are drawn to wet cardboard, newspaper, and other wood-based items. Remove these items from your yard.
  2. Termites like to chew on dead trees and stumps. Hire a professional to remove these things from your property.
  3. Termites look for water-damaged wood to feed on inside homes and outbuildings. Repair and replace sections that are damaged in this way.

For more help with termite prevention, get our team at DAT Exterminating involved to keep termites out of your Hammond home.

Expert Termite Control Is A Great Idea For Hammond Properties

Hiring an expert to deal with termites on your Hammond property is the smartest thing you can do. We do not just offer detailed termite inspections but also treatments to help you eliminate and control these pests. Most of our clients choose our year-round termite control plan. This provides optimal protection throughout every season.

Contact DAT Exterminating today to learn more about our residential and commercial pest control services in Hammond from one of our friendly, highly trained technicians.

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