Our green methods eliminate pest activity!

Your first two treatments will be within 30 to 45 days of each other in order to break the egg cycle. The first treatment will flush out pests from nesting and breeding sites and exterminate them. The second will control newly hatched and persistent pests.

Our ongoing treatment program is designed to stop pest activity. Applications of our superior microencapsulated product formulation, with its slow and continuous release, will maintain an effective anti-bug barrier around your home. If you see more than the occasional pest, please call us for a free re-service.

The DAT Exterminating Initial Service

1. Anti-Bug Barrier
Establish a barrier 1-3 ft. up
and 1-3 ft. out from the home
2. Baiting/Trapping
Identify and prevent specific household pests, if needed
3. Wall Injection
Flush out adult pests from wall voids
4. Crack and Crevice
Flush out adult pests from exterior cracks and crevices
5. Spot Treatment
Identify & prevent potential pest problems in the yard
6. Granulation
Establish a 10ft barrier around the perimeter of the home
7. Web/Nest Removal
Cleans webs, wasp nests, and egg sacks down from eaves and overhangs
8. Precision Treatment
Establish barriers at entry points and migration paths
9. Entry Points
Pests need only 1/64 of an inch to enter your home

The DAT Exterminating Regular Service

Much like our own personal health, when there is a pest problem, we tend to focus only on the immediate problem. Many pests continue to breed and stay active year-round. In fact, a home usually becomes more vulnerable to pest pressure pushing inside when it cools down. Combine this with the fact that each season also presents a wave of new seasonal pest problems and the need for continued pest service on a home becomes critical.


Warm weather brings a variety of pests from their winter harborage. Reproduction spikes and bugs go on the hunt for new homes and food sources. DAT Exterminating ‘s initial service flushes out all of the lingering winter pest residents and establishes crucial, dynamic barriers to prevent new pests from entering the home. Our perimeter treatments allow you to enjoy our favorite time of year!


Hot weather provides the perfect breeding ground for roaches, spiders, wasps and ants. Pest activity peaks in the summer because of voracious eating and optimal living conditions. Let DAT Exterminating perimeter protection plan guard your home so you can relax and enjoy your summer bug free.


As the weather starts to cool down, pests start looking for places to harbor for the winter. They consistently invade the home looking for shelter and sources of food and water. That’s when DAT Exterminating checks critical entry points and maintains a world class exterior barrier.


On cold days, pests look for warmth to harbor and lay eggs. Rodents, spiders, silverfish and moths want to make your home their own. DAT Exterminating ‘s perimeter protection plan will continue to protect your home from these unwanted invaders during the winter.

If your bugs come back in between regular visits, we will return and treat for FREE. If we don’t have your bugs under control after two free services, we will credit 100% of your last full payment towards your account.

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